The Path that led us here

From an early age I remember Mom and Dad dealing antiques. My dad would fix broken parts, cane chairs or generally polish their finds while Mom would reupholster to breathe new life into old pieces. Traveling to gather, collect and handle antiques unknowingly allowed me to experience many different styles of furniture of which arts and craft and mission oak seemed to resonate. Years of construction became the foundation of craft while antiques had suggested style and design. New projects brought new skills as new customers challenged my craft with almost nothing off limits. Building was done seamlessly going from home construction to masonry to cabinets, lamps and back again through the list as seasons changed and projects arose. When Teresa and I were married she was bookkeeping and did finish work for her parents’ log home business. As we crafted our own home and family Teresa expanded her skills with Girl Scout projects, cake decorating and making homemade gifts with our family for holidays. Then came Shirl, a local artist who was in need of an assistant to help with her shade making business among other things. After more than a decade, Teresa’s mentor relocated and left her without a job. In 2007 we purchased the shade business, extended the current product line and have progressively increased our offerings.   Together we have been creating, traveling, collaborating, sometimes arguing, all while living the dream. Although often times we do not feel financially wealthy, seeing people’s admiration for pieces we created together is always welcomed validation after placing so much of our time and energy into our projects. It is hard to explain that when you literally hear your audience say ‘wow, I love your work’ you would do it all for free, if you could afford to, because it seems less like work when you enjoy the process of creation.