ReCycle, RePurpose & ReUse


There seems to be a growing trend towards fixing what you have rather than discarding it and buying brand new.  This is also true of lamps and lamp shades.  I get a lot of requests for re-making lamp shades for people so that they can give new life to old lamps they have and do not want to throw away for some reason, perhaps it has sentimental value.  Sometimes I take apart a shade and re-use the rings or frame and other times I just start with all new pieces. In some instances we need to have parts custom made for a specific situation.  I have recycled shades in all different shapes and sizes.  I have even been given ones that are perfectly fine, maybe brand new shades that a customer wants to “upgrade”.  So if you have a lamp that needs a new shade on it, send us your information (top diameter, bottom diameter and height) and we will provide you with a quote for cost and time to replace it.

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