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The Path that led us here

From an early age I remember Mom and Dad dealing antiques. My dad would fix broken parts, cane chairs or generally polish their finds while Mom would reupholster to breathe new life into old pieces. Traveling to gather, collect and handle antiques unknowingly allowed me to experience many different styles of furniture of which arts…
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The Process

Timing is key to collecting the various elements of our creations. Winter is quiet for collecting but random pieces of birch bark can be found loose on fallen snow and burls can be seen more clearly in leafless forests. Red pine cones used for finials can be found after a blustery winter day. Spring is…
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Our Product

At Northeast Living Lights we strive to create functional art using a variety of natural elements to compliment many decors. We take cues from nature, building our products with arts and craft style and a minimalist approach to allow the material to be the voice for each Living Light. Teresa and Paul personally collect every…
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