Old Shows Lead to New Venues

While taking a break at our Arts in the Park show in Inlet, I enjoy mingling with other artists that I have come to know and seeing all the other arts and crafts.  Sometimes people we meet are an inspiration for a new product or at times someone will steer us towards a new venue that might work for our products.

This summer I happened to talk with an artist named Ed Knapp of Watson Woodworking.  Two years ago Ed started the Northern Tier Woodwrights shop, offering a venue for wood working artists to showcase their talents during the holiday shopping season.   Ed thought our products would be a nice addition to this temporary shop.  So in mid October we packed up some lamps, turkey calls and assorted driftwood jewelry and headed to Croghan, NY.  The shop is in an old general store in a small town not unlike our hometown of Chestertown.

We spent the better part of that day traveling to Croghan and setting up our display, but we have hopes of making new contacts and sales that will make our efforts worthwhile.  Sometimes sales at a show may not meet expectations but the after-show sales from new clients make up the difference.  Will this be the case in Croghan?  Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, if you are in the area… The Northern Tier Woodwrights Shop is in the E.M. Marilley & Co. store on Main Street in Croghan.  This seasonal shop operates from October 15 through December 17 and store hours are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10 AM to 5 PM.

Happy Thanksgiving!