Remaining Positive

by Paul Breuer Jr.

To Whom It May Concern:

Hope all is well with you. While creating new pieces of any sort there’s generally some need to call it something; give it a name as if I were Dr. Frankenstein. Some inspiration or Pinterest led me to send holes through copper earrings. The best choice for a name at the time was Negativity for the holes left by my tool and focusing on the missing parts.

So off to the market we go. The first time out had sparked interest of the newly created piece. At transactions close I had to mention that the name of the earrings was Negativity to which the patron said that she wished she did not know that about them. She may not have bought them had she known that first. Would others feel the same?

Never again would they be anything but copper with holes in it until the blushing bride and I were enameling some of these pieces. Something clicked as the bright shiny glass was left around the empty spaces. It wasn’t about what was taken away or lost, it was about what remained.

Remaining Positive is the series that demonstrates that fact, that ideal, that goal, that lifestyle, that mindset and mantra.