Cherry Burls

Burls make more than fine lamp bases.  After many seasons of growth, effort expended to cut, dry and slice, a burl has great worth even at a small scale.  Turkey Calls, Cherry Burls, Handmade, Wood ArtHardly any pieces are discarded due to this inherently perceived value and a product may be created to utilize these scraps.  Out of curiosity I made some turkey calls with cherry burl.  Turkey Calls, Scratch Box, Cherry Burl, HandmadeI knew they would look great but how would they sound?  To my delight I was not disappointed as they sounded great, at least to me.  Now my scraps were very small but I still could not bring myself to simply dispose of them. The only logical answer was to create earring drops so I could feel that I hadEarrings, Handmade, Cherry Burls, Czech Glass, Copper used every possible morsel.  Only then could I feel I had made the most of mother nature’s effort and my time of collaboration with her.