Autumn in the Adirondacks – Harvest Time!

fall-colors-2What a beautiful time to live in the Adirondacks!!  So much for all of that complaining about the dry, hot summer that we had.  If the spectacular display of endless yellows, oranges and reds are the result… well, enough said!  Of course it does come with that task of raking and cleaning them all up.  I prefer to gather them by hand, one at a time paying close attention to their size, shape and color; looking for near perfection.  I have to because I am harvesting the materials that will become a part of someone’s home, their newest piece of art!shade-fall-leaves

Yes, Autumn is beautiful, but it is busy as well.  Our shows are behind us and now we must prepare for the long months of winter.  We will gather leaves, ferns, flowers, acorns, etc.. making sure that we have plenty to last us until next year.  The botanicals then have to be placed in layers of newsprint to be dried and pressed until needed.  It is a time consuming task but getting out into the brisk Fall air and collecting some of nature’s finest gifts to preserve forever is very rewarding.

So whether you are gathering pumpkins, apples, other fruits and vegetables or even meat to feed your family, enjoy this beautiful time of year.  Find a way to capture the moment and remember the colors of 2016.

birch-leaf-collection tie-dyed-maple-leavesmaple-tree