A Burl Life

Trees across the Adirondacks become stressed by an injury, virus or fungal infection which affects the growth hormones in many of them.

Adirondack Woods and Chocolate Lab for reference
Black Cherry w/Burl

The different malformations caused by this, ironically make grain patterns and external shapes that become admirable to the wood worker.

Raw materials from Adirondacks, Rustic Furnishings
A variety of burls dried and ready to become lamp bases.

They are used by artists, furniture makers, wood turners, lamp manufacturers and many others.





Beech Panel Shade on Burl Accent BasePaul takes one inch slabs from small burls that are cut perpendicularly to the trunk and uses them to make bases for our accent lights.  Larger burls are chosen by their pleasing shape to become one of a kind lamp bases and then, based on size they are topped off with a complimentary shade by Teresa.

Burls come in a Variety of Sizes and Shapes
Trio of Burl lamps
Unique lighting, Table Lamps by Nature
Large Burl base with 51510 Cedar & Fern Shade
Burl Tables, Outdoors Inside
Burl base with 51510 Cedar & Fern Shade (Burl table by Paul)