Find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you make your own lamp shades? Yes, Teresa hand makes all of our lamp shades from start to finish.

Are they real botanicals in the lamp shades? Real botanicals are gathered from around our local area. We pick ferns and leaves during the summer and fall, they are pressed, dried and stored until needed. Cedar and hemlock are collected year round and used fresh.

How do you get them in there? Botanicals are sandwiched between two layers of styrene. The first inside layer is used to make the form of the lamp shade; this layer has an adhesive on the outside of it that the ferns, leaves or cedar are attached to. The outer layer has a paper laminated to the exterior for the finished color.

What size shades are available? Because we make each one individually from raw materials, we can make any size you would like. We do have a set of standard shade sizes that fit the majority of the lamps in our inventory.

How long does it take to have lamp shades made? Most standard size shades can be shipped within two weeks. Custom sizes and/or large quantities may require additional time. However, every effort is made to keep within that two week time frame.

How are the lamp shades shipped? Our lamp shades are carefully packed and shipped via US Mail, FedEx or UPS, whichever the customer prefers.   The shipping costs are charged directly to the customer along with a small handling fee.

What other materials do you use to make your product? Paul collects a variety of natural elements including driftwood, yellow birch and sustainably harvested wood from local saw mills. He also uses copper, stones and white birch bark.

Do you offer design assistance? Customers direct us with their general lighting needs and ideas. Paul and Teresa help with design aspects such as size, shape and materials. Providing photos and/or descriptions of the space can be helpful. Finally, drawings or photos of fixtures are presented for approval.

Where do you construct your product? We are the quintessential cottage industry! Paul has a workshop in our basement while Teresa builds lamp shades on a folding table in the bedroom and sticks, stones, sockets and other lamp parts can be found throughout the house and property.

Do you have a gallery or studio?  We do not currently have a showroom or retail space. We can provide additional photos, dimensions and even send swatches upon request.  We do participate in a couple art & craft shows around the region throughout the year.  Call or email for dates and locations.